Tourist Information

If your are a guest in our city you are likely to find the below Liverpool Tourist Information Useful

Getting Around

The most important piece of tourist information I can give you is that if you are lost then do not be afraid to ask – we always welcome guests to our city.  There is ample public transport which will enable you to get where you want to go and all the major tourist hotspots are covered.

By Bus: there are two major bus stations in the city centre (Liverpool One and Queen Square) where friendly and knowledgeable staff will be help you with travel plans within the city and the local region.

By Train: there is a highly developed local rail network that can take you through the region to the Market Town of Ormskirk and the seaside town of Southport.  Trains are off peak (and therefore cheaper) after 09:30, Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holidays.  The services are frequent making it an ideal way to explore the city and its environs.

By Ferry: a trip by the ferry is a must for any traveller.  Run by Merseystravel the ferries connect Liverpool with the Wirral on the other side of the river.  The ports are the Pier Head, Seacombe and Woodside.  Any trip you take will have a commentary on the sights that you can see en route.  As well as getting you fom A to B it helps give historical insight into the city.