• “Esemplare entusiasmo e orgoglio per la propria città”

    Rob è una persona educata e cordiale, un vero appassionato di storia e cultura della propria città. A differenza che in tanti altri tour, la sua esposizione è puntuale e non solo aneddotica. Avvincente la contestualizzazione della storia nei luoghi della città, che sembrano così prendere vita facendo incontrare presente e passato. Un peccato non avere avuto più tempo da dedicare a questa esperienza.

  • Excellent walk around

    The tour guide Mr Rob Lynch was excellent, his knowledge of the area with historical , cultural and geographical perspective is awesome. My wife from Liverpool came to know about many places she used to pass by often about their details. We strongly recommend the walkie talkie tours,,,, keep it up Rob …

  • Full of unique attractions

    Rob served as an intelligent and friendly tour guide who presented us this spontaneous activity. His knowledge was wide and catered to interest. Lots of obscure yet insightful local history that can be covered in a few hours. Recommended to those who want to see Liverpool from the streets, each with a story to tell.

  • Géniale visite guidée de Liverpool, gratuite

    “Rob, originaire de la ville vous la fait visiter tous les jours â 10h30. Mais le dimanche la visite peut être plus longue (2 heures ou plus ) et vous permet d’avoir une idée d’ensemble et culturelle de Liverpool. De plus Rob apporte des informations historiques fort intéressantes . C’est très enrichissant et l’on ne voit pas le temps passer.
    D’autre part le groupe est petit donc on est loin de la horde de touristes en groupe suivant le parapluie de leur guide. On peut s’inscrire en ligne ou se présenter sur place.
    Je recommande vivement cette visite dès votre arrivée à Liverpool. Et pour ceux qui ne font qu’une courte halte ici c’est un moyen intelligent de connaitre la ville.”

  • Thanks Rob

    My wife and I were wandering round the square near where Rob was waiting for clients. He came up to us and told us all about the buildings around and the related history; we did not have time to do the full walking tour so this is not a proper review of his tour but anyone wanting a first class (and free!!) guide to the city should seek him out.

  • Exceptional Tour of Liverpool

    “This was a wonderful tour of Liverpool. Rob Lynch was extremely helpful during this tour. His tour was excellent, very interesting and informative. I was able to get a great perspective of the city. This was a worthwhile tour and I highly recommend it to anyone in town. Please indulge yourself. I was glad that I did”.

  • “There’s more to Liverpool than the Beatles”

    Took my mate Leif (from Haderslav, Denmark) on this ……we strolled around Liverpool with the Uber-Knowledgeable Rob of ‘Walkie Talkie tours’…Thanks Rob…. your tour is a “must-do” for anyone visiting Liverpool & also for people like me who live there. “Stay-cation” in the new Vacation (I’m told)….!!

    So just Rock up to the rear of Liverpool Town Hall for 10.30am …..every day…(incredible, I know) & ‘BAM’ you’re on board. So Simple.

  • Great Tour of Liverpool

    Rob my tour guide was a mind of information and a great guy, loads of history and info about Liverpool. I would recommend these walks.

  • “Fabulous tour of Liverpool”

    Went on Rob’s Sunday morning tour with my husband an not knowing what to expect turned out to be really great with loads of facts about the history of different parts of Liverpool, we went an saw things that we would normally of walked past so well worth joining the tour.

    Carole B
  • “Trés intéressant et enrichissant !”

    Rob a su faire preuve de patiente pour nous faire découvrir la ville. Piètre anglophone que nous sommes.

  • “Extremely interesting and Enlightening”

    How Rob remembers all the information, people, dates, incidents I don’t know, but he does and it makes for a fantastic and interesting tour of Liverpool.

    Well worth doing this tour, we gained a great insight into the history of Liverpool and enjoyed the whole experience.

    Well done Rob – looking forward to the next one.

    Veronica & Brian