Free Daily Tour of Liverpool (Mon-Fri).

Please note that we have staff  training days between 14th-16th July so will be unavailable for tours then (apologies)

Join us in Exchange Flags on our FREE daily walk capturing the essence of Liverpool, a city steeped in international history. A city with the richly deserved slogan of ‘The World in One City’, a city of culture and diversity where events that helped shape the world are only around the corner!

Tours start at the Nelson Monument, Exchange Flags, 10.30 AM weekdays.

Nelson Monument

This 2 hour tour takes you past famous landmarks and through renowned streets telling the story of local, national and international events and incidents and how they impacted on Liverpool or how Liverpool impacted on them!

This 2 hour FREE tour covers:

  • Liverpool Town’s original seven streets
  • American Civil War and the slave trade
  • The Town Hall & Exchange Flags
  • Victoria Monument and site of Liverpool castle
  • Mathew Street & the Beatles
  • World renown Museums and Art Galleries
  • Liverpool Bluecoat chambers
  • Liverpool One
  • Albert Dock
  • Liverpool’s UNESCO listed World Heritage Waterfront

……..and much more!

To join this FREE tour, meet us at Exchange Flags at 10.30 AM, Monday – Friday or contact us for further information.